Full Day Signature Tours

A woman in athletic wear sits cross legged in a meditative pose.

Manifestation Yoga and Journaling

Time: 11AM-5PM, Pick up location: Amesbury, MA

Hop on board Freddie, the bus, and head to the quaint and lovely town of Concord, New Hampshire. Spend the first part of your day at Blossom Yoga & Wellness, harnessing the power of synchronicity to manifest your desires through a series of yogic meditations and writing prompts guided by both a professional writer and an accomplished yoga instructor. Then head to lunch, and after lunch stroll down Main Street to do some shopping in the boutiques.

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Tamworth Distillery Tour

Tamworth Distillery Tour

Date: May 13th , Time: 11AM-5PM, Pick up location: Amesbury, MA

Spend the day in the quaint, small New England town of Tamworth, New Hampshire. It feels like you stepped back in time. The day starts with a tour of the distillery before settling into a craft cocktail mixology class, using Tamworth’s homemade spirits. Then enjoy a beautiful and delicious lunch in Tamworth's Lyceum. After lunch take a stroll around town, along the swift creek, and/or do some shopping at the distillery store.

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A closeup photo of a tiny baby goat.

Goats Galore

Starting June 2023

Discover the delights of goat farming with an afternoon at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine. Owners Hope and Chris will introduce you to their herd of 30 Nigerian dwarf goats, each with a distinct, adorable personality. Visit the pasture, then head into the cheese kitchen to create your own chèvre using ingredients from the on-site herb garden and of course the creamiest of goat milks. Then we will head to Caswell Farms, where Chef Brian and team will serve a "harvest of the day" farm-to-table meal. Chef Brian's custom approach to comfort food allows him to utilize the freshest ingredients, grown on the farm, to cultivate the mouthwatering menu and beautiful presentations for an unforgettable, intimate dining experience.

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Lavendar Gardens

Coming June 2023

Come stroll the rows of purple flowers stretch as far as the eye can see. Summer means that lavender has come into season, attracting not only the bees which collect its pollen, but also people seeking an escape into spectacular scented scenery.

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Photo of hands holding a trio of apples.

All Things Apple

Starting September 2023

Pick them, cook them, jar them, eat them. Grab your apple sack as the farm owner, will guide you into the Thompson's Orchard in Maine, to identify and select the best of the crop for your butter-making, piesourcing, and apple- filling delight.

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