Group of women holding cute baby goats

For the love of family. Mothers and daughters unite to form The Savory Lane, combining their passion for togetherness, food, travel, and making their guests feel special. We have persevered during a perplexing,  pandemic time and now more than ever, people are looking to get back to the basics, focusing on the importance of taking care of yourself with the foods you eat, and of the community around you. The Savory Ladies wanted to create a mindful approach, to bring guests together to connect with nature, food, animals, and one another.

Growing up in New England, as a family, we spent many hours meandering thoughout New England, from the White Mountains, to the seacoast.  We stopped at every farm, ice cream stand, lobster shack, and tourist attraction you can image.  The Savory Lane was created, because we want to share our love of New England with others.

Let’s GATHER as friends, JOURNEY to an iconic New England location for an engaging class, and DINE on a "harvest of the day" four course farm-to-table meal, in a tranquil, and picturesque setting.

Why is the bus called Freddie?

We’ve named our fully renovated, school bus Freddie in homage to Pat’s mother, Maria and Lisa’s grandmother, and Ava’s great-grandmother Elfriede, nicknamed Friede, pronounced “Freddie.”

Born in Selb, Germany, Elfriede immigrated to the United States when she was just 3 years old. She and her mother then met up with her father who had already opened a butcher shop in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Attending cosmetology school after high school, Elfriede met her future husband whose parents were customers of the butcher shop. The pair got married in 1941, and Pat was born in 1943. Elfriede’s husband didn’t meet his baby girl until 1945 when he returned from fighting in WWII. Fast-forward about a decade to find Elfriede taking out a business loan in 1956 to open Elfriede’s Beauty Shoppe, which remained successful for 30 years.

To honor her entrepreneurial spirit and grit, not to mention her own fierce love and commitment to family, friends and her guests, we are honored to always bring Freddie on our journeys with you.

Image of Freddie founders great grandmother