Manifestion Yoga and Journaling


Jocelyn Winn

August 3, 2022

Candy and I have been close friends for many years, and she opened a yoga studio around the same

time that I began teaching writing. Both of our dreams had finally come true. What better sign from the

universe than to pair up and offer a combined workshop to harness that energy?

This class uses both yoga and journaling as ways to manifest your wants and needs, what best serves

your higher purpose and well-being. By setting your intentions and putting that energy out to the

universe, you can accomplish your goals. And the really cool part is that once you set your intention,

you’ll start seeing signs you’re on the right path—something we call synchronicity, or “nods from the

universe.” Maybe you’ll start seeing pennies because you need upstart money for a new business;

maybe you’ll start hearing the same song over and over; maybe you’ll have a chance encounter with

someone who can help you; or maybe you’ll just gain a sense of hope, feel a lighter weight on your

shoulders. We’re often conditioned to not ask for what we want, let alone what we need. Our class frees

you from those limiting boundaries.

Yoga and writing have so much in common, both require retreating inward to listen closely to our true

selves, to quiet the chatter, to pay attention to breath, to keep coming back to physical center. In a state

of yogic practice, release and clarity can be achieved. When you journal right afterward, it’s amazing

what can transpire, sometimes ideas or thoughts you didn’t even know you were experiencing. Clearing

that head space allows you to better make room for taking action on the things you want from your day,

life, relationships, and such. Holding yoga poses stills the body, and freewriting afterward is like

unleashing untapped resources.

This is a go-at-your-own-pace, judgment-free gathering of supportive spirits who want only the best for


--Jocelyn Winn and Candy Jackson

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