Goats Snuggle & Mingle +Ice Cream

Date: July 13th Time: 6 - 9 PM Pick up location: Cider Hill Farm, Amesbury, MA

Come visit, interact, and learn about the incredible baby fainting goat “kids” in a unique and fun way, by getting down and personal in their space. This is a 40-min session includes seated mat time to pet, brush, and mingle with our baby fainting goat kids while you feed goat treats, ask questions, and learn more about the goat's care, health, and life on the farm. Please be advised that goat kids will still be jumping on YOU, and they do have little horns to watch out for! After spending time with the goats, we will stop at an ice cream stand on the way back.

$55 per person

Please call (978) 912-0444